Albino Squirrel Preservation Society

University of Pennsylvania Chapter

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Friday, February 14, 2003
The ASPS of Penn wishes everybody a happy St. Valentine’s Day! If your true love is the albino squirrel, put down that box of chocolates and join the ASPS!

Wednesday, February 12, 2003
The University of Pennsylvania chapter of the Albino Squirrel Preservation Society launches its upgraded website! Welcome! In the next few days and weeks, we will further enhance and correct our site to reflect our position in the international society. Please email us with any suggestions and inform us of any typos or dysfunctional links, etc. Don’t forget to visit the international site of the ASPS to quench your thirst for more information on albino squirrels. Encourage your friends to join the ASPS!

From the preamble of our constitution:
We, the members of the University of Pennsylvania chapter of the international Albino Squirrel Preservation Society network, affirm our dedication to the constant pursuit of squirrel equality. We pledge to uphold the values of the Albino Squirrel Preservation Society, foster compassion and goodwill toward all squirrels, especially those that are albino.