Join the ASPS of Penn

Are you interested in preserving albino squirrels?
Do you lie awake at night wondering if there will ever be equality for all squirrels?
Can you make a difference in animal rights?

Even if you answered “No” to all of the questions above, you should still consider membership in the ASPS of Penn. We welcome Quakers of all backgrounds--poets, engineers, and Whartonites alike--to join others who care about this cause.

To become a member of the ASPS of Penn, you must be a Penn student, teacher, or staff member, and you must have a fondness for squirrels (preferably those that are albino).

If you are not affiliated with Penn, email us to become an honorary member.

To join, email us at

In your email, please include your name, major/concentration, year, and a quote about albino squirrels. Please encourage your friends to join the ASPS! We look forward to your membership and our collaborative efforts to achieve the goals of the ASPS of Penn.