Government of the ASPS of Penn

Founder and President
His Excellency
Albert “Al-Ko-hol” Ko,
Lord and Protector of Albino Squirrels

Chef of Staff
The Honorable Matthew “Mother” Tucker

The Cabinet
Chancellor of the Exchequer Susanna “Squeaky” Nguyen
Secretary of Homeland Defense of Squirrels Sir Jeffrey “I’m Not” Waring “Any Pants”
Czar of Propoganda Tanya “T-Bone” Kajese
Director of Squirrel Intelligence Vanessa “Mrs. Edward Norton” Garcia
Minister of Breeding Dilusha “If You” Will-iam

Squirrel Finder
Lauren Grassie

Chief of Secret Service
Samantha “Sam-tha-man” Dias

Sea Admiral
Drew Sutton

Royal Jester of Public Relations
Al Bruno

Chief Justice
Adarsh “A-Diddy” Shah

Director of Communications
Erin Wilson

Joint Chief of Staffs of the Combined Albino Squirrel Armies
Matt Scafidi

Available Positions
Secretary of War
General Activist for Squirrel Rights
Squirrel Keeper
Prime Minister
Chancellor of Weapons Developement
Secretary of Transportation
Political Advisor
Bailiff and Sergeant at Arms
Field Marshall
Minister of the Minutes
Chairman of the General Accounting Office
Director of International Relations
Lead Ambassador to the Intercollegiate Chapters of the ASPS
Director of Interclub Coalition Builder
Imperial Praetor
Herald of the State
The People’s oracle